December 9th, 2009 | Jake

Rule53 -Ep7- Chris Brogan & Anthony Liang

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BroganThe name Chris Brogan is synonymous with social media, but for purposes of Rule 53, I'd like to think of Chris as the professor whose class everyone wants to take. In the past few years, Chris has cultivated a community of subscribers, followers, fans, and friends that have led to the creation of his own social media agency (more…)

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December 2nd, 2009 | Alexa

Rule 53 – Ep 6 – C.C. Chapman and Amanda Helfand

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cc_chapman_hikeybg_smThis week's episode of Rule 53 features one of my favorite people, the one and only C.C. Chapman. We paired up C.C. with Amanda Helfand, a student at Bentley University because of her keen interest in marketing and social media. As one of the founders of the Advance Guard (recently acquired by Campire), one of the first new media consultancies, C.C. is an leading social media strategist, community organizer, media maven, and digital dad extraordinaire. He also happens to be a Bentley alum and a veteran podcaster.

In this episode, C.C. and Amanda tackle the challenges of time management, what it means to multi-task in a digital world, tips for working from home, Twitter, and last but not least, Rule 53.

Words of wisdom from C.C.:

  • "Learn everything you can and share it with others."
  • His Rule 53: "Eliminate 'I can't' from your vocabularly."

Many thanks to C.C. and Amanda for their time and stay tuned for next week's episode where we interview another Community leader, Chris Brogan.

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November 22nd, 2009 | Jake

Special Rule 53 – Ep 5 – Alan Khazei & Ashli Stempel

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For episode 5 we were at Northeastern University for a special live show featuring US Senate candidate, Alan Khazei, founder and former CEO of City Year, and Ashli Stempel, student at NU who has plans to start her own non-profit, PULSE.

This episode was supposed to be posted on Tuesday, but because it was a special event we decided release it early for you...

It was Global Entrepreneurship Week at NU and what better way to close the week's events than with a discussion on social entrepreneurship?

Alan shares a list of his rules with Ashli and the audience in this episode, but if you were not there you'll have to check out the video to learn more...

Special thanks to Marcus Andrews, Sam Novey, Aaron Gerry and everyone else who has helped coordinate the event!

We'll be back next Tuesday for Ep 6 with C.C. Chapman and Amanda Helfand!

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November 18th, 2009 | Jake

Rule53 – Ep 4 – Michelle Lewis & Dennis Casey

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I don't know about you, but when I see a solid musical performance there is nothing more inspiring. When the show is over I always feel like I need to go learn how to play an instrument.

On this week's episode of Rule 53 I was lucky enough to connect with Michelle Lewis, the talented singer and songwriter from Boston, and Dennis Casey, lead guitarist from the bandFlogging Molly.

This week we added two new rules to our list on Rule 53:

  • These days people blog and tweet about everything they do, sometimes it is important to "keep it mysterious" - Michelle Lewis
  • If you are thinking about doing something, you need to stop thinking and just "jump into the fire" - Dennis Casey, Flogging Molly

To hear the entire conversation between Michelle Lewis and Dennis Casey listen to the podcast.

Michelle-Lewis_xKU0rw6A6scx_fullMichelle graduated from Berklee College of Music in May 2003. I met her for the first time a few months back at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge for a CD release party of her new EP Broken. Her lyrics and acoustic guitar playing are powerful and she had great backup on cello and stand-up bass. Overall, I really enjoyed my first Michelle Lewis experience - *except* - I wanted to throw something at the ridiculous group of Harvard girls sitting at the next table over who talked through a majority of the show.

Dennis CaseyDennis is a not only a highly talented and successful musician, but a father and all around great guy. He was born and raised in Rochester, New York. After high school, with no interest in going to college, he picked up and took his love for music and guitar playing to LA, California. Dennis was a member of a multitude of bands throughout his early career, but found his place at local bar in LA called Molly Malone's.

Initially, the band came together from a diverse set of musical backgrounds and developed a chemistry that resulted in a sound that has evolved and continues to evolve today.

In this podcast Michelle gives us a peak into her perspective as a young professional musician and some of the challenges she is faced with to take it to the next step. Dennis tells us about his early days in LA, sleeping on floors and couches, and personal stories about his efforts to help make Flogging Molly the success it is today.

Next week we have a special LIVE episode of Rule 53 with guests Alan Khazei, founder and former CEO of CityYear as well as a candidate for Ted Kennedy’s US Senate seat who will be speaking with Ashli Stempel, current student at Northeastern University who has plans to start a non-profit called PULSE

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November 17th, 2009 | Cort

Special Rule53 event LIVE with Alan Khazei

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cityyearSocial entrepreneurship is a hot topic these days within the start-up community and especially within the Dart community.  Being a social entrepreneur is never easy as the venture has to live up to more than just financial milestones.

For example, how will one's venture achieve social change and benefit those around them?  Or how can one create a sustainable/profitable business while also creating social value?

To dive into this topic we went straight to one of Boston's best social entrepreneurs, Alan Khazei.  Alan is the founder and former CEO of CityYear as well as a candidate for Ted Kennedy's US Senate seat.  City Year is an incredibly popular organization that offers 17- to 24-year-olds the opportunity to engage in 10 months of full-time community service.   (Thanks to their underwriting on NPR I've gotten to learn more about them over the years and even better yet, their HQ is located around the corner from Dart!)

This Live Rule53 will be this Sunday at Northeastern University, Room 333 in the Curry Student Center beginning at 6:30pm.  There will be a livestream starting at 7:15pm if you want to watch online.

Grab your ticket...

Alan is going to be speaking with Ashli Stempel of the Dart community.  Ashli is starting her own non-profit social venture called PULSE. (more…)

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